Programs and Activities

Visitors of Kapawi start the Amazon experience in Quito and drive south along the “Avenue of Volcanos” before descending to the Amazon plateau following the Pastaza river. Kapawi Ecolodge is only accessible by air, so visitors fly for about 50 minutes in a chartered small 5-, or 8- seater plane from the town of Shell to the Achuar community of Kusutkau, and then take a small boat downstream the Capahuari river for a 30-minute ride to the ecolodge.

Kapawi Ecolodge offers a wide menu of natural and cultural experiences, in 4-, 5-, and 8- day travel itineraries. The highlight of our programs and packages are the Achuar communities. Our travel packages include visits to the Achuar communities to learn about the culture and traditions. Visitors can visit an Achuar house, or an Achuar farm to observe and learn about the Achuar life and its relationship with the Amazon rainforest. Visitors can also, on special occasions, decide to spend the night at the community. In these cases, a visit to a local shaman can be arranged.

Another highlight of the Kapawi experience is the Capahuari river and the possibility to paddle along Amazon river dolphins. This can be done very early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The Capahuari river also gives visitors the opportunity for wildlife observation. Birds and mammals such as monkeys are common along the Capahuari river. Swimming from the main dock is also an option.

Kapawi Ecolodge also offers a variety of trails around the lodge, with varying levels of difficulty, from 30-minute to 8-hour hikes in the forest. Night hikes are also offered to those adventurous travelers.

All our Programs include overland transportation, chartered flights, accommodation, all meals, local and naturalist bilingual guides, and all activities. The programs are custom made together with the assistance of our guides. This allows visitors to select the best activities available depending on the time of the year. Please fill out our form and we will get in touch with you immediately to start preparing your experience at Kapawi.


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